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About Us

Therapeutic Home Healthcare leads the ever-growing number of home health care providers in this industry. We do this by taking serious steps to achieve customer satisfaction in every single home that we serve.

We are not content with mediocre care. We aim for the best because you deserve the best. Managing your health at home is important. That is why we only perform our services with the following core values observed by our staff:

  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Understanding the Patient's Needs
  • Being Patient
  • Diligence in Performing Tasks
  • Diplomacy in Dealing with Family Members, Physicians, Patients and Fellow Care Professionals

Our agency is defined by a goal. This goal is to make your life at home a comfortable one despite age, health complications, disability or injuries. Through the appropriate administration of the plan of care, we are able to answer your health care needs at home. This puts you and your family at ease because professionals are in charge of your health.


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         Fresno, CA 93710

icon-phone   Phone: (559) 224-8585
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